Fundraising Opportunities

Interested in earning money for your 501(c)(3) not-for-profit group in Orlando? Food concession operations can help you reach goals in a fun environment.

Food Concession Operations

Earn money for your 501(c)(3) not-for-profit group working at Kia Center. Events include Orlando Magic and Orlando Solar Bear games, as well as numerous concerts throughout the year. Our food concession operations can help find ways to subsidize your organization's goals in an energetic and safe environment.

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How many people do you need per event?

A group of six may run a small concession stand, 12 may run a large one. The bigger the concession stand, the more money you may earn.

What type of activity is it?

Food concession stands operation requiring customer service, order fulfillment, payment processing, and facilitating food and beverage service. Levy Restaurants oversees cooking and equipment maintenance.

How long is the shift on average?

Six hours.

How many events are we expected to work per season?

That's up to your group. Occasional participation is allowed. While groups that commit to the entire Orlando Magic season are preferable, we are also open to discussing your specific availability and goals.

How much money can our group make?

We pay a percentage of concession stand sales or a minimum of $50 per person, whichever is higher. Some of our groups subsidize 100% of their annual fundraising goals each season working with us.

What do we need to participate?

Participation requires a 501(c)(3) government certification, a certificate of insurance and a W-9 for your organization. Each group should have a group leader and an assistant group leader as well as an established or rotating group of volunteers, from six (6) to 12 people, for each event

How do payments work?

Using info from your W-9, we process and mail out payments every two weeks.

What skills are needed?

Friendly, outgoing, customer service, cash-handling and basic food preparation skills are the desired skills.